Pick Up The Phone

by Joey Briggs



I know I made a mistake
Hell what else is fucking new
You know I haven't slept since I left this place
Now I dial and dial over and over
but I get the same voice recorder

I'm a hopeless mess what else can I do
I used to think it was a phase I was going through
If I could reach you

I'd tell you I was an idiot
and I deserve to die alone
If I had a chance I'd apologize a thousand times
I'd tell you I was a piece of shit
But I swear I have grown
so please pick up the phone

That sound of the line ringing
Is like the bottom of the ninth
On the edge of my seat
like a sports fan with a jersey on
But it's a swing and miss again
It seems I always come in last
All I'm asking for is another chance


released March 6, 2017
Piano by Mark Van Eps



all rights reserved


Joey Briggs Los Angeles, California

You don't fucking care what I say, I don't even care what I say.

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