When I was younger there was this punk rock kid I knew. He was one of those squatter kids that didn't live on the streets because he came from a broken home but just a bored middle class teenager. One night in particular, at a Dropkick Murphys show in LA, he and a group of his friends kicked the shit out of some guy. I mean, stomped on his face until he was a serious bloody mess. I didn't see what happened, I don't know what provoked the situation I only saw the aftermath. A few days later I saw him and he was bragging to me about it, told me they gave him a "creeper party".

It just made me think, what happens to some people to make them turn out the way they do? From what I could see he came from a good family, had a decent life. It just furthers my suspicion that we aren't all just a product of our environment but some of us are just fucked up to begin with.


Did you see the punks
in another street fight?
Leaving snapped twigs
where bones used to live

Don't get keyed up
with what's about to go down
It's just a hooligan's night on the town

So make friends with the scum
of Hollywood and vine
After you finish your line

Get used to your new way of life
Something tells me you'll be here for awhile
Yeah kid, you're gonna be here for awhile

Suburban kid living on the outskirts of LA
Searching for greener grass and found a city dark and grey

I read the news today, oh boy.
They like to play with truth like it's a fucking toy
But I don't always let it get me down
There's so much else going on around

With a razorblade tattooed on your neck
In a squat in Long Beach
No you never looked back

It's amazing the places you'll call home
When you got no mind of your own
With no mind to call your own

It doesn't make any sense
In past or present tense
You had a home and a family who gave you everything

Ain't that just the way it goes?
You've reached an all time low
And you're stuck on the street with no food to eat
And your last 10 bucks up your nose.


from The Traveling Salesman, Pariah, Me, track released September 6, 2011
Joey Briggs - Vocals, guitar, percussion
Joey Balls - Piano, tub bass
Alex Zamblotsky - Mandolin
Jason LaRocca - Backup vocals, percussion



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Joey Briggs Los Angeles, California

You don't fucking care what I say, I don't even care what I say.

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